Can You Live Life on YOUR Terms?
What's the life like in the country of the free? Are you among the millions of Americans who require credit to survive? Do you live life in a squalid existence with more money being withdrawn every month than you are able to bring into the bank? You're not alone. * In May 2007, CNN Money reported that American males in their 30's have less money than their predecessors did. After accounting for inflation, those in their 30s in 2004 earned a median salary of around $35,000 annually which is an increase of 12 percent as compared to $40,000 for males in the same age bracket in 1974. (census bureau figures) * The top 1 percent of Americans received almost 20 percent of the country's income during 2005 (more than double the amount the earned back in 1960) and, collectively, the lowest 20% earned 3-4 percent. The latest figures from the government of 2007 show that more than 90 million Americans which is nearly 1/3 of the population struggle to survive with incomes that are nearly twice the poverty level ($19,971 per year for a family of four or one in 8 Americans) * The number of underprivileged people in America has increased by 5 million between 2001 and 2007. Although these kinds of data are readily available but they are still the infamous 800-pound gorilla that lives in your living space. Visit:- It is often overlooked that we are living in a completely different economic environment than fifty years ago. We are not taught that the financial system is constantly changing over time. It's not fixed! What this means for you is that the conventional wisdom about moneyand the best methods to earn money, spend, save, and invest are outdated and is no longer in a position to provide the same financial security that it did in the in the past. To live your life to YOUR own terms today , you must know: Because of the structure of the financial (banking) system the value of money decreases in time, and is far more than the inflation rate that is officially recognized. According to many experts, the value of a dollar has dropped to only 4 cents in purchasing power. In the end, the value of money is constantly declining which , in turn, translate into an ever-increasing cost of living. Remember: Money is the main business of a financial institution that is owned by a corporation. The product they sell is debt, and we, as consumers, are only told how to increase their profits! The question is what are your best interests being considered by this massive industry? My research suggests that they don't. Genuine, long-lasting solutions are to be found outside-the-corporate-financial toolbox. The answers are not corporate. It is common sense that financial security can be assured if we're willing to review and change our beliefs regarding wealth and money. The best ways to save, earn, and spend and invest today is determined by the full definition of wealth as well as the complete story of how money functions. My company's name will be Alternative Financial, LLC. My own research has led me to realize that strategies for leveraging debt (which are the foundation in traditional planning for financial success) are not sustainable for creating wealth and financial security. I offer a different approach. As an expert in financial sustainability, I don't sell securities products. Instead, I offer the book The Quality Life Plan: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security as well as coaching services that address the root of today's financial problems through innovative strategies that can reverse these challenges. My clients are seeking fresh insights regarding money, and a frank alternative to the hamster wheel. The desire is to lead a their lives according to their own terms. Being debt-free is a crucial first step , but it is not enough by itself. It requires a new perspective and new financial habits to ensure your financial and personal health in the future. Keep in mind: If we don't change our ways, there will be no alter! As Albert Einstein once said: "We cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  

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