A lot of my clients have complained of an absence of motivation, due to not being sufficiently motivated at work, to not being able to eat healthy and quit smoking, or wake up early in the morning. They want to attain both negative and positive motives, and motivations for doing something, while negative motivations are geared towards not doing things (not smoking cigarettes, for instance). Most of the time, the strategy they've tried previously (unsuccessfully) was to force themselves into it. It is done through an inner dialogue that is negative like: "You lazy person, you'll never get anywhere;" "you have to do this whether you like it or not;" or "no one will ever love you until you do." Sometimes, they've tried to persuade or bribe themselves to do something for a time and then fails later. Sometimes, they've enlisted someone else to make them feel pressured for example, a motivational group, hypnosis, parent or substitute parent and will tell them that they behave. For more detail please visit:- This third method works well for certain people for an extended period of time. But the purpose of this method is to disarm the natural processes of the client and those who seek me out come because they've rebelled against the authority of the individual or group, only to discover that they are unable to perform the actions they want to due to their rebellion! It is true that when we think that another person is forcing us to do something and we believe that they are, then we are less likely to react cooperatively. Particularly in situations where the "pushy person" is oneself and not a friend! ! It is the truth that regardless of how savage and angry they are at themselves, they are unable to be motivated. Together my clients and I have had a huge, verified results with these issues, and each client who has worked with me has had success in achieving motivation by at both "negative motivation" and "positive motivation". The reason for this success is that motivating people is simple. I believe that motivation comes from celebration and appreciation. I prefer to put the equation in terms of Celebration and appreciation equals motivation. This means that when you find ways to be grateful for the things you've accomplished and also to be grateful for your past successes (and be assured that there is a way) You will discover that you're "magically" motivated to accomplish more. There is no struggle, and you achieve it because of the pure joy of the achievement! To show what I mean I will discuss two potential employers. There is the "bad boss" and the "good boss". The Bad Boss -Performs through intimidation and critique... Always complain; never praise (you only know that you're doing well because your boss doesn't say anything) It can be very unpleasant if you make an error You are a source of ridicule when you are in front of other people Never think you've done enough. Assume you're lazy and untruthful Changes rules arbitrarily Is never content or satisfied (get the image?) The Good Boss -Praises are often offered. Always let you know when you're doing great. Asks you for what you require when you've made a mistake; It is extremely helpful Are you concerned about your health and your efficiency Assume that you are looking to do an excellent job. Feels like you are an integral part of the team Treats you as a valuable human being Is aware of the responsibilities that you are expected to perform. Both bosses share the same objective: accomplish their tasks. But, there's an enormous distinction in the effectiveness of their management styles. Consider your possible response to these two styles of management. The office of the bad boss is marked by anger and tension. The employees work to keep their boss away from their backs, and then slack off whenever the boss isn't around. They're not productive, since they lack motivation to do anything other than to keep the boss from getting angry. They operate in a state of mind known as "adaptation", which is determined to keep the attention of someone (usually an angry or nasty person) away from their shoulders. They are not loyal to anything other than their pay or perhaps even each other in the same way that prisoners who are ill-treated are loyal to one another when they confront the prisoner. Offices that are marked by inefficiency and discord. If the boss needs to work an extension of time, they are met with resistance. If you worked for this boss How do you be feeling? Would you be able to go to work each day with a smile? Would you be willing to volunteer for additional work? Do you anticipate every new job? Most likely not. In other words, you will not be motivated Would you? On the other hand, employees of the boss who is a good one tend to be concerned about themselves and their work. They are satisfied with their achievements, and are eager to continue learning and achieve more. When the boss is absent but the work is still going forward, as employees are in a mental state of high motivation and are savoring the feeling of achievement. If the boss asks for overtime, they will be received with a positive response. Take a second and imagine yourself in this scenario. What would you think? Do you feel motivated to please your boss? Do you anticipate the reaction of your boss to your recent work? Would you want to assist in the event of extra work? Most likely, you will feel motivated and enthusiastic and eager to get started every day. Take note of the differences in your attitude in these two scenarios. Which boss would you prefer to be working for? I hope it's just as clear to you as it is for me. I'd prefer the better manager (just the names I've selected for both styles has probably made it evident.) In the everyday tasks and circumstances of our lives We become our own bosses, whether we are conscious that we are or not. We can choose what kind of boss we want to be for ourselves. If you make the same choice as the majority people I work with (and myself) do, you will decide to be the right self-governing boss. That means you will learn to treat yourself with respect and compassion, be generous in your praise and gentle when you make corrections. You will then be able to achieve your goals with a sense satisfaction and pride, and an abundance of joy. You'll feel inspired, and beg the question of why you haven't thought about how simple it was. All of this is achieved through two "magic motivators": celebration and gratitude. We all know how to show appreciation to others. But when it comes to us we are uneasy and embarrassed if we over-appreciate others. The years of being taught not to boast or be a thorn in the side as children have taken their toll and self-appreciation is a bit awkward. If motivation is an important trait self-appreciation is a must and even desirable. The good thing is that it is possible to learn this skill. If you're looking to improve your self-esteem but it's difficult for you I suggest practicing in a variety of ways. A lot people who have worked with me enjoyed the opportunity to purchase small gold star stickers (just as they did in elementary school) and then award them to themselves for work that they have done well, or for any accomplishments they would like to celebrate. Placing the stars on the calendar every day can be extremely effective. Go ahead, award yourself lots! Other types of stickers are available. My client was able to reward herself for achieving success in her diet with tiny stickers that represented jelly beans, chocolates, and ice cream cones! The dessert was a token of praise, not calories. It can also be efficient to recall birthday parties and other celebrations from childhood. My client was warned not to play loud music due to her grandmother's illness. But, she was allowed the accordion however loud she wanted when she was practicing. Today the act of playing the accordion is like a celebration , and a opportunity for her to show off. Birthday parties and holiday occasions that were memorable can be used as inspiration. If Mom always cooked a turkey dinner for an event of a grand scale, and set up the dining room using the finest china, or even a champagne bottle was served, then these ingredients could be a sign of the celebration and achievement. Banners, crepe paper streamers candles, balloons, flowers, clothing that is special (your most elegant shoes, a new cap) gatherings of your friends, certificates, trophies and awards are all ways to recognize achievements that are worthy of celebration. Consider using some or all of the above items for occasions you want to inspire. If you're feeling anxious about the first day at your new job, you can celebrate your day by drinking champagne apple juice, or diet cola , served in champagne flutes that you've made and candles placed on the dining table. Add some golden stars in your schedule to mark working through a challenging homework task. Purchase your child an award engraved with her name to clean up her space for the entire month. There is nothing so bad as too much celebration or praise. Are there too many motivations? Sure, but the more the better. Flowers placed on the table to express how much you are grateful for yourself can do much to make you feel more content every day. A novel that is a new and savage romance is a wonderful reward or celebration for reading the required technical texts. The most important thing is that recognizing the things you have already accomplished can inspire you to do more. Make your celebrations unique and have fun. Make a lasting bond with an informal lunchtime picnic and even a balloon. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. This is the goal! If you are around one who is in charge and dictates what you must do or makes comments without asking the ways you're doing things wrong, or else assigns them as your boss within your own life, then you might be noticing that your motivation has shifted. Be sure to let them go for being your manager. It's your life, and you're doing what you do because you want to. There is no more reason than yourself. After you've fired your self-appointed boss, then you might need to be reminded of the things you've accomplished with that kind of support. Be proud of your independence, your determination, and your desire to take responsibility for your actions. You can also create informative articles, books and television experts, gurus and so on. to be your boss. In this scenario, you'll be unable to keep your motivation up. These tools for information can be beneficial, but only if you keep them in the right perspective. Rememberthat the boss receives information on how to manage things, is educated, seeks help whenever needed, but the boss remains in the control. The information is available to be used, but no professional (no no, not even an therapist) will know if the information is appropriate for you. If you know who your boss is, you'll make use of the information carefully, avoiding anything there is that doesn't fit your personality or style. It will be used to help you achieve your goals and assist in celebrating your achievements. If you notice your motivation slowing down, take a look at what you're doing managing your work. Are you displaying a motivating and supportive manner? Did you allow someone else to assume your authority? Do you have any appreciation you'd like to receive?

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