Quitting Is Easy. But Today Is Not the Day to Give Up
Take a look back at the last time that you were faced with the challenge of a situation that you did not plan for or even think of happening. It could have involved something personal, in which you had one of two options to choose from. The first option was to accept the reality of what happened to you and to stop trying to deal with it, and to not give yourself a sense of hope. The alternative was to find a way of addressing and managing the issue, even if it was all you could do to stop it. Which did you choose? Making an easy exit usually requires the least amount of effort. That's why quitting in the facing of a dilemma can be the most easy thing to do whenever you're confronted by demanding situations, an unexpected circumstance, or even moments when you are unsure of what to do about an problem. It's about overcoming any of these scenarios that might seem difficult because of what effort you'll have to put into working through it. For more detail please visit:- https://sportblogupdate.com/ https://allmyreviewsite.com/ https://cazinothaiblog.com/ When you next find yourself at a crossroadsand must decide on whether you'll abandon the effort, or continue to put in an effort, make the decision with a positive affirmation. It's not the time to quit. Whatever the number of times you've fallen short in the past because of your actions or inactions and the many occasions that you think you've fallen short, quitting shouldn't be an alternative. There is absolutely nothing to be gained with an attitude of defeat, because a situation or circumstance is becoming too challenging. I understand there will be instances where this might be more palatable as opposed to others. For instance, if you have a medical diagnosis you did not expect to be given, and you think that the future is likely to be uncertain. This is the right time to remind yourself: This isn't the day to give up. Your attitude will directly affect your health. You may find your ability to tackle the future and to take care of your wellbeing is contingent on what you believe and what you are able to believe. The best thing you could do is to trust your inner strength that you use as an accessible internal power. When you've learned to trust it you'll be more confident and prepared to take on whatever lies ahead of you. Reason to Quit: The Unexpected The unexpected could and does happen in the course of life. It's most likely to happen without warning and can take you by surprise. If ever there is a time you would want to be able to let go of what's ahead of you, this will likely be at the top of your list. There is no way to plan for every possibility and circumstances you might be faced with or likely to encounter. When the unexpected does happen and it is likely to happen take place, you're faced with a choice you can either avoid or escape from the issue, or tackle it face-to-face. As you likely know, running away from your problems and issues is only temporary solution. At some point you will need to confront whatever you've experienced in your life. What you will discover is that your ability to address every situation is dependent on how soon you can find your inner resolve and strength. Reason to Quit: Lingering Doubts When you face any kind of challenge, be it personal or professional the ability to manage the situation effectively will depend on the level of confidence you are at the time. For example, if you experience a minor setback your life, such as a goal you could not complete as quickly as you had hoped you would however, it does not have to present a significant challenge for you, so that you're in a positive mindset. If you think of this as a failure, and now believe you have failed in life, attempting to get back momentum is likely to be much more challenging. Even more self-defeating are doubts you let persist, whether about your ability, capability or something similar. If you continue to build doubts, the more easy you'll be able to stop or give up, if there are times you feel in a bind or are confronted by the situation that is difficult to tackle initially. Your Internal Strength and Power The inner strength that you possess is commonly referred to as willpower, resilience, determination, grit, and many other words. I'll simply call it your inner strength to signify a combination of all these attributes. It combines all of these components to give you the determination required to keep going, no matter when you want to quit or abandon your goals. There are three particular powers you possess that come through your inner power and include those of the Power of Potential, Power of Beliefs, and The Power of Affirmations. These three powers are cultivated with intent and used to help you grow as a person. At any time you may draw on any or all of these powers, and ensure that this is a day when you are not tempted to quit, just because of circumstances. The Power of Potential If you view a situation as being too difficult that is beyond your ability or capability, greater than you're able to bear or any other excuse which could be an amalgamation of these factors it is possible that you've not considered: You hold tremendous potential. It is crucial to keep this in mind often, especially in moments when you question your ability to address an issue or circumstance. All it takes is a single moment of clarity to realize that there is more you can do with your life, and consider possibilities and finally, you realize you have the ability to change things due to the potential you hold. Even if you've received the most bleak news or the unexpected has occurred it is your ability to establish a mindset of strength and not give into doubts and fears. The Power of Beliefs Do you have an affirmation you have about yourself today? Or do you prefer to imagine something negative? A belief is a mental statement you make and repeat, often without altering or altering it unless you make a conscious a decision to do so. You make a statement to yourself long enough that you start to believe it as true, especially if you find sufficient evidence or results to prove it. For instance, if one believes they're failing in life, and continue to witness failures at everything they try to do then the evidence will be able to reinforce what they believe. Negative beliefs are easy to build and to repeat, especially when events in your life aren't going well. But it is your positive beliefs that can influence the outcomes you achieve in your life.

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