What The World Really Needs Is A Pinch Of Innocence
I had a business-related event to attend to today afternoon. I was required to be at the venue by 1 o'clock , but I arrived about 40 minutes earlier than the planned time. Therefore, I sat at the side of the road a few steps far from where the event was in order to waste the extra time I had. The concept of punctuality has changed from what it was a couple of decades ago. Being early and late are thought of as equally harmful because being early in a place is thought to be an indication that you're doing no value to your time. To avoid making an impression that is not positive I made the decision to arrive at the location at precisely the right time. While I was watching the people pass by I was lost in thoughts about some of previous gatherings of this type that did not prove to be as productive as I had hoped. Naturally, these thoughts are always consuming some of the positive energy in your. After only 10 minutes of Gemstagram contemplating I was left with the idea that today's meeting did not yield any results. I began to feel less and less secure with each minute that went by. Instinctively , I glanced to my left and saw that a tiny schoolgirl aged between 7-8 years old age stood by my side, possibly in line for the bus, or some other thing. She seemed confused and worried however I didn't pay attention and began to gaze at the building I was scheduled to be entering in around 25 minutes. Then I felt someone hold my hand. I turned around to see that the girl was staring at me. I raised my eyebrows and said "What?". She replied, "Do you see anything there?" She said to the left. I was able to only see the back of her backpack and discovered that a water bottle was hidden in the pocket on the side. I was thinking she wanted me to hand her the water bottle since she was not willing to take the bag off of her shoulders. I took the bottle and tried to hand her the Trending News bottle. She replied, "No, not this. Take a look here." She was pointing to the left side of her shoulder. I sat and surveyed her shoulder, and could not resist smiling when I realized that a bird was apparently pooping onto her shoulders. I was a bit embarrassed to see my smile, she said, "OK, put some water in the bottle." I lifted the lid of the bottle and proceeded exactly what I was instructed to do. It was evident that it wasn't cleaned her shirt. Her expression grew more serious and she asked "How do I wash it?" I asked her if she had an item of paper which she replied in a MT4 Indicators negative. I asked, "Why don't you tear one out of the notebook you're using?" Her expression changed to more worried and if it was even possible, and then said, "The teacher will get angry and yell at me if I do something similar to that." I quickly walked away as I was laughing at the time I got to that point. Then I noticed an empty medicine container that was lying in the dirt, in front of an medical store. I grabbed it and tore the paper off of it. The girl looked at the paper with a sense of hope, and then she turned her back to me to allow me to clean her shoulder. I washed the sludge off her shoulder using it, and, when I was sure that it could not be further cleaned I put the item away. She looked at her shoulder before turning to walk into the alleyway. She walked for a couple of steps, and then almost returned to me. She stopped and told me, "Thank you". I smiled to acknowledge her gesture of appreciation. She smiled a little at me and walked back to the alleyway. I continued to stare at her until she came across an individual probably her mother. She who held her hand before starting to walk again. For a moment I thought about an incident similar to me while I was at school. I looked up the time and realized that I had another fifteen minutes left. Then I was so relaxed and relaxed that, without thinking, I walked in and into the building. The meeting was pretty good and I felt in control of the entire time during my time in the room. After the meeting, I boarded the train back to my home. It took me about 90 minutes to get home, and throughout the entire period, I was surrounded by only happy thoughts in my head. I have realized that regardless of how negative one is feeling inside only a little innocence can make everything disappear. The reason behind all the problems and anxieties that we face in life is because we aren't in the right place with that innocence and honesty. If we can figure out ways to keep that innocence alive in us and those around us We will never be unsatisfied. I'm not sure whether I'll get anything positive from today's meeting however, I don't really care about it. I'll never forget how a tiny girl's perspective was shaped by her unintentionally for the rest of my life.

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